Item Coversheet

Conceptual Plan Review Committee

Item: Little Paw Animal Rescue - 1457 E. Palatine Rd. - T1747
Department: Planning & Community Development

Requested Action

Land Use Variation for a “Kennel, Commercial”


Variations Required


None identified at this time.




The Staff Development Committee has reviewed the proposed Land Use Variation Request to allow a “Kennel, Commercial” at the subject property, and requires additional information in order to make a recommendation.


The additional information required is as follows:


1. The petitioner shall provide a written justification demonstrating compliance with the standards for Land Use Variation approval as outlined in Chapter 28, Section 12.2 of the Arlington Heights Municipal Code.


2. More detailed, scaled floor plans shall be provided.


3. The petitioner shall provide information on any proposed sound attenuation and air purification improvements, as well as sanitation practices. The proposed use shall not create any objectionable odor or noise for the neighboring tenants and residents.


4. The petitioner shall provide details on where the dogs’ outdoor recreation area will be, and information on the maintenance of this area.


5. These are just preliminary comments only and should not be relied upon as identification of the only major issues. The Staff Development Committee reserves the right to change its position on issues upon submittal of a formal application and detailed review.
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