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Village Board

Item: Approval of 2024-2025 Strategic Priorities
Department: Village Manager's Office

2024-25 Village Strategic Priorities


Every two years the Village Board meets to discuss the current challenges facing the community and to determine its Strategic Priorities for the Village. The Village will face a variety of seen and unseen challenges over the next two years. However, the priorities identified will serve as the guiding principles for the development the Village Staff’s biannual business plan and for the annual budget process. The Board met on July 31st of this year to discuss the Village’s priorities for 2024 to 2025. The attached document outlines the Board’s priorities for this two year period based on that discussion and further feedback from Trustees.


Staff Recommendation: Adoption of the 2024 to 2025 Strategic Priorities


Stategic Priority Draft Goals MemoMemorandum
Goal Setting SummaryReport