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Item: Resolution Approving a Consultant Agreement with Mac Strategies Group 8-21-23
Department: Village Manager's Office

Resolution Approving a Consultant Agreement with Mac Strategies Group 8-21-23


The coming redevelopment of the Arlington International Racecourse Property will be a complex undertaking on many fronts. The project has already garnered legislative interest at the State level with proposed legislation on a potential new payment in lieu of taxes tool (PILOT), changes to TIF rules, and even sharing of future project revenues proposed by various parties - in some cases, with little or no input whatsoever from the Village.


A redevelopment effort of this size and complexity will require working with legislators throughout the region and State to garner support and to ensure the Village’s interests are protected. For these reasons it was determined to identify possible lobbying firms to work with the Village on this project. Staff spoke with multiple consulting teams to find one that would be a good fit for the Village.


In the end, it was determined that the team consisting of Mac Strategies using GR Consulting as a subcontractor had the best overall strategy and credentials for our needs. The attached agreement outlines the scope of work and calls for a retainer of $10,000 a month for one year which is consistent with other proposers on this project. The Village has budgeted $50,000 for additional consulting services in the Integrated Services Budget for this year’s portion of the expense.


Recommendation: Approval of a Resolution Authorizing the Village Manager to execute a consultant agreement with Mac Strategies Group.

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Resolution Approving a Consultant AgreementResolution